V Pick Guitar Picks

The six best selling standard picks from the V-Pick range - probably the quickest and cheapest way to improve your playing we have ever discovered. Vintage Guitar Magazine says "On electric instruments, the V-Picks we tested sounded better than any plastic pick".

This huge (and continually expanding) range of picks spans virtually all possible thicknesses, sizes and profiles randing from the humble "Small Pointed" pick  to the frankly monsterous "Insanity" coming in at over 11mm. Enjoy the journey.
All 6 V-Picks
All 6 V-Picks

Special Offer - All 6 of the standard V-Picks in one pack

V-Pick Leather Pick Pouch
V-Pick Leather Pick Pouch

This soft black leather pouch is hand made in Nashville USA and stamped with the V Picks logo. An ideal carry case for your V-Picks - or anything else really . . . .