Acoustic Strap Secure - Original size - Brass

The straplock for acoustic guitar output jacks by L.R. Baggs, Fishman, Switchcraft output jacks and more.
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The Acoustic Strap Secure is a dream come true for acoustic players with pickups in their guitars.The USA spec model's 3/8-32 inch threads go right onto Fishman, Switchcraft, K&K output jacks and more. The M9 metric version fits L.R.Baggs, Shadow and others that the original US thread does not.

Unlike the few other strap securing devices on the market that are designed for acoustic guitars, the Acoustic Strap Secure is a beautifully crafted single brass part so there little chance of losing one of many parts that render other devices useless. We recommend leaving it installed onto your guitar to help reduce wear on the output jack. 

Simply unscrew the factory strap button, attach your strap to the Acoustic Strap Secure. and thread it onto your output jack. For perfection combine it with a LOXX strap-lock at the other end.

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