Brass Swampslide

Brass Swampslide Brass Swampslide Brass Swampslide
Brass Swampslide

Brass Swampslide

The Swamp Slide from Rock Slide - a beautifully aged solid brass slide available in small, medium, large and Extra LARGE!
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The Rock Slide was designed with a tapered interior to fit snugly on the finger to prevent wobbling and is cut away at the knuckle to prevent pinching with an adjacent finger rest for added stability. The thick solid brass walls provide unparalleled smooth sustain.

Offered in four sizes for the perfect fit;
The Small slide fits comfortably on the small finger allowing the index, middle and ring finger freedom to play but will only cover the first 3 strings.
The Medium slide fits the ring finger comfortably and can be worn on the pinky finger of players with larger fingers or if you want full six string coverage with a slide on the pinky finger.
The large slide fits comfortably on the middle finger or the ring finger of players with larger fingers.
The large and extra large slide has the adjacent finger rests on both sides for resting the index and ring finger (maximum stability).

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Stuart Williams-Total Guitar Magazine-5 Stars

More than just a pretty face, Rock Slide''s bronzed brass Swamp Slides feature an ingenious tapered interior, meaning the slide gets thicker closer to your fingertip, making for a snug fit and a wonderfully warm and sustaining tone, even with the smallest model.

The cutaway at the bottom enables you to bend your fingers easily, and the indents at the side keep wobbling to a minimum. Best of all, the aged finishes are also completely smooth and have no negative impact on tone or playability whatsoever.

Pros - Great tapered and indented design.

Cons - Nothing.

Verdict - Quite honestly, what''s not to like?

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