Frosty Glass Rockslide - Limited Edition

Clear Glass Rock Slides® , individually hand moulded by master lampworkers. These have all the same features as the brass Rock Slides® but slightly longer.
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Frosty Glass Rock Slides® are exactly the same as the standard moulded glass slides but with a little more grit and string noise. They are still quite smooth, just rough enough for a little extra growl with vibrato.

They have all the same features as our brass Rock Slides® with the Knuckle Cut, Finger Rest and Tapered Interior. These fit almost exactly like their brass counterpart but are slightly longer. The main difference being that they are much lighter & faster so you can really cook with these on an electric guitar. Because of our unique tapered interior design they do have enough mass to light up your acoustic.

Offered in four sizes for the perfect fit;
The Small slide fits comfortably on the small finger allowing the index, middle and ring finger freedom to play.
The Medium slide fits the ring finger comfortably and can be worn on the pinky finger of players with larger fingers or if you want full six string coverage with a slide on the pinky finger.
The large slide fits comfortably on the middle finger or the ring finger of players with larger fingers.

The large and extra large slide has the adjacent finger rests on both sides for resting the index and ring finger (maximum stability)

Please note: Each one is hand moulded so the size does vary a small amount between pieces unlike the brass Rock Slides®.

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