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Welcome to Integral.

Integral is the revolutionary approach to close miking guitar combos and cabs and delivering the true sound of the speaker.

"The SAMSystems Integral is forward thinking design at its very best, a product that solves a problem that all gigging guitarist have but never considered it could be fixed."

"Impresssed. I tried as many different tonal amp and guitar settings as well as a variety of styles and everything just sounded spot on. I really was surprised at just how great it was."
iGuitar Issue 46 

Integral Close Miking for 12" Speakers
Integral Close Miking for 12" Speakers

'Integral' is the innovative and professional close miking system for your cab or combo. With its 'fit and forget' mounting, Integral's full range analogue microphone delivers the true sound of your speaker to the mixing desk with no power required. The product of over 4 years of development and testing with major MI manufacturers, the system comes complete with its XLR connector - suitable for both closed and open back cabinets.

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