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The analogue Chorus with an enveloping sound, smooth and never extreme, obtained thanks to the employment of a Bucket Brigade device, accomplished with an accurate LF oscillator and a choice of the best electronic components available.
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The analogue Chorus pedal with an enveloping sound. Smooth but never extreme - a sound obtained thanks to the use of a Bucket Brigade device accompanied by an accurate LF oscillator and the choice of the best electronic components available. Particular attention has been dedicated to the layout of the circuit with the aim of fully eliminating the sound of the “click noise” derived from the LFO. In addition to the classic controls of DEPTH and SPEED, the tone or “COLOR” of the signal can also be adjusted.

Imagine a Chorus that blends with your sound to become the sound - not just part of it…
Imagine a Chorus with an elegant and smooth sound…
Imagine a Chorus that, when used with your overdrive, does not sound aggressive but maintains a natural musicality never heard before…
That's the Liquid Mind Analogue Chorus from Nemphasis.

Technical Details:

  • Scrupulously researched and selected electronic components.
  • True bypass.
  • Full analogue.
  • Jack input/output 6.3 mm or 1/4″ each side.
  • Three controls allow adjustment of depth, speed and tone. The LED indicates the effect is on but will not light if the supplied violtage drops below 7.5 volts.
  • No click /pop from foot switch.
  • Power supply required 9 volts DC from external power supply unit via centre negative 2.1mm plug or 9V battery. Battery access via four screws on the base of the unit.
  • Power consumption 25 mA (max).
  • Dimensions (mm): 75 X 120 X 55
  • Weight (g): 250 (without battery).
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Marcus Leadley-Guitar & Bass Magazine June 2015-5 Stars

". . . . This pedal is capable of both incredibly subtle shades and squiffy warblings, and the great thing is that you can go from one extreme to another via endless degrees. All the controls are highly interactive and you really get the sense of being in control."

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