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Nemphasis O2 Oxygen Bass PreAmp - Pro Series


The O2 Oxygen Bass Preamp breathes life into your bass, emphasising both the characteristics of your instrument and your technique. With its efficient and sensitive controls it allows you to deliver YOUR tone – whether on stage or in the studio.

The O2 Oxygen Bass Preamp is effective with digital, solid state or valve amplification and with both electric bass and electro-acoustic double bass instruments. Plugged into a P.A. system, the preamp offers an alternative to the usual bass amplification while the balanced D.I. output allows optimum interfacing on stage or in the studio.

The foot-switch “MODE” allows instant selection of one of two distinct tones: deep warm and smooth, or hard, fast and responsive. Both modes are delivered dynamically and with great definition.

The O2 Oxygen Bass Preamp is a creative tool that presents multiple tones with consistent musicality to the bass player at work.

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5 StarsReviewer: Dan Veall - Reviewer's location: Guitarinteractive Magazine Issue 39

"There was just something really inviting about the tone and clarity of this pedal. . . . I also see this is being particularly useful with those who want to run a simple setup or have great tone going direct to in-ears without going near the backline . . . simple, clear and great sounding."

5 StarsReviewer: Guitar & Bass Magazine - Reviewer's location: UK

Review of the O2 and O2 Pro Bass Pre-amp Pedals October 2016 . . . "A pair of top-notch preamps made to exacting standards and offering pretty much everything you would expect . . . . . rating 9/10

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