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Nemphasis X7 Tube Overdrive

What’s better than a straight, organic, classic valve saturation?
The ‘X7′ with a real valve at its heart has been tailored for that versatile, ageless, pure rock guitar tone.12AX7
‘Overdrive’ as a word is a broad term as this little power box can also supply enough gain to sustain your heart-felt long notes for ages.
No embellishments here, just you and your sound.
You and your X7.

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5 StarsReviewer: Trevor Curwen - Reviewer's location: Guitarist Magazine Issue 394

"The Nemphasis X7's wedge-shaped housing comes complete with vents on the side to aid heat dissipation from its single valve, but isn't so bulky that it takes up too much 'board real estate. There's no clean boost - with gain right down and level at about one o'clock, it adds a raunchy second channel to your clean sound with plenty left in reserve for volume jumps. Bring in the gain knob and the saturation builds for rich, fat distortion with singing harmonics aplenty, delivered via a tone control that zeroes in nicely on the amount of throaty upper-mid and top-end presence that you desire. Nicely touch sensitive, too. While there are shedloads of solid-state pedals that promise the sort of overdrive you'd get from a valve amp, there are far fewer that offer a valve as part of the circuitry, so it's always good to see a new one, especially one that's as much of a pleasure to play through as this."

5 StarsReviewer: Paul White - Reviewer's location: Sound on Sound Magazine July 2015

"Best of all is that, despite its strong performance, the X7 costs no more than many non-esoteric analogue pedals. It works brilliantly for giving a clean amp what amounts to a separate overdrive channel, and studio hermits will be pleased that it plays nicely with DAWs."

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