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Special Offer - All 6 of the standard V-Picks in one pack
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The "All 6 standard V-Pick models" were the first v-Picks we ordered. A good basic introduction to standard thickness (2.75mm) V-Picks in one bag discounted by 20% from standard price.

The V-pick models are:

Small Pointed - A great replacement for the Dunlop Jazz IIIs and getting very popular with V-Pick customers. Fast with a huge tone for such a small pick.

Medium Rounded – the biggest seller. An all-round pick good for any music. Great mids and very, very fast action.

Large Rounded - A great replacement for Fender Heavy players. A very fast pick with lots of mids and a creamy high end.

Medium Pointed - Same as the Medium Rounded but with an extra bite. Lots of speed and mid-range.

Large Pointed - Great for staccato Latin playing and very fast and articulate. Also a great pick for Bass playing.

Screamer/Acoustic - Great for electric as well as acoustic playing. Very bright sounding with lots of lows as well. The pick has a built in mid-range and it is making a big BUZZ on the Internet right now.

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