PedalSnake FX Cabling

Let the 'Snake into your life . . . 

Just one cable - quick to rig and quick to de-rig. No more mains power in your performance area, no more cable mess underfoot, nothing to forget. PedalSnake means a clean, tidy stage with quality cable and components. Its the professional, expandable, configurable and flexible cabling solution for guitarists at a starting price thats not much more than a single boutique cable. 
PedalSnake Multi Channel Base Cables
The foundation of the PedalSnake system - 4 or 7 channel 'snakes in two lengths
PedalSnake Pigtails (Connectors
Configures your base cable to provide guitar signal and low voltage power connections
Power Plug Adaptors
PedalSnake Power Pigtails use the 'Boss' standard 2.1mm plug and socket. These connectors are designed to adapt to and from the 'Boss' standard - providing the right fittings for all the difficult stuff - Electro Harmonix, Line 6 Modelers, reversed polarity and all the other challenges the effects pedal industry likes to inflict upon us.
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