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Stetsbar All Gold Stop-Tail


Stetsbar Pro II in gold.

This Stetsbar is designed to fit to guitars that conform to GibsonĀ® stop-tail configurations. The unit fits to the existing stop tail bushings of the guitar using the supplied set of bolts.

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5 StarsReviewer: Steve Jones - Reviewer's location: Sutton, London UK

Fitted to a Washburn HB35, which is a Gibson 335-type guitar. I had to remove the bridge bushings on my guitar because of the large collars on them, but don't be alarmed if this applies to your guitar - I was initially baffled but a quick Google search and they were removed in seconds, very easily. Absolutely superb trem; smooth, very large range (bigger 'up' range than my Floyd Rose Strat), perfect fit and looks like it should always have been there. New lease of life for my Washburn!

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