Stetsbar Tremolos

Stetsbar Tremolo systems have rightly acquired a reputation for high build quality, smooth operation and superb accuracy. With a straight forward to fit to Gibson stop-tail, Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster style, hard tail and custom built guitars, these systems are the only ones that require no permanent modification to the guitar, so preserving the value of your original investment. That's why people say that "any other choice is just a compromise".

Having worked with this brand since 2002 - and played virtually every trem system on the market - we can confidently say that this is the smoothest, most expressive, stable and accurate trem you will ever play.

We want to make sure that your Stetsbar purchase goes smoothly so - if you are not sure whether your guitar is suitable for a Stetsbar choose the model you are interested in. For each type of Stetsbar you can download the critical dimensions that shows all the dimensions and other measurements so you can check it will fit. If you are not sure just call or email us. Non-standard special orders are also available - contact us directly by phone or email.

Choose which type of Stetsbar you need from the 'Stetsbar Types' section on the left of this page.

UK shipping by first class recorded post. EU Shipping by Royal Mail 'Signed For' airmail.
Stop Tail Stetsbars
Suitable for Gibson style stop-tail & bridge combinations
Telecaster Style
Suitable for "T" style guitars like the Fender Telecaster & G&L ASAT
Luthier/OEM Stetsbar
A Stetsbar built for Guitar Builders
Hard Tail Stetsbars
Stetsbar with a 5 hole baseplate mount, suitable for guitars like the hard tail Stratocaster, Telecaster Custom, Ibanez and similar.
Stetsbar Custom Shop
USA built limited run Stetsbars for Fender 3 Hole, Jaguars, PRS SE wrapover bridges, Gibson wrapover bridges and left hand Telecasters. Please note that these items do not ship in full retail packaging but are packaged securely and with appropriate instructions.
Stratocaster Style
Stetsbar with Strat style mount
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