Super Vee 2 Point BladeRunner Tremolo

The 2 Point version of the Super Vee Bladerunner including adaptor kit
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The "BladeRunner," is a non-locking vibrato with built in patented Super-Vee technology. This whammy will stomp your factory Strat bridge right into the dirt using zero friction movement, a positionable whammy bar, a tone engineered block, and priced for the working Joe. The cool thing is, it maintains the look and feel of a standard OEM style Fender bridge.

This unit is designed for 2 point Strats and includes the USA/Mexican spec adapter kit. Don't forget to order the additional metric spec adapters if you have an Asian Strats.

Super-Vee used the same philosophy to build the BladeRunner as they did with the original double-locking Super-Vee system: "Innovate, test, and refine,..then kick the snot out of the competition!"

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Barry Dalchow-Wallington UK-5 Stars

After installing the BladeRunner into a strat I immediately noticed the brighter sound with added sustain as well as about 20% more volume. The guitar is more musical and responds great and is inspirational to play. It has transformed the instrument into a great delight and now I will put one in another strat that I know will benefit from this tremolo system. A remarkable design that all manufacturers should install as default if they want their guitars to be noticed. I would like to see more designs available for Ibanez type tremolo systems too.

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