Super-Vee Mag-Lok

The tremolo Anti-Deflection Device for Stratocaster style guitars
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Super-Vee says . . . . . .

"Yep, it's here...finally. What is the Mag-Lok you ask?  It's only the single most innovative advancement in tremolo technology...well...since the Super-Vee, BladeRunner or Super Glide.

The patented Mag-Lok is an anti-deflection device that will stabilize your tremolo for tuning stability, especially during double-stop bends. Yeah, there have been other products that pop up from time-to-time claiming a similar solution, but you had to have an engineering degree to install it, it looked like a Rube Goldberg device, and failed to deliver..

The Mag-Lok uses focused Rare Earth magnets to hold your trem stable when you perform fret board bends and keeps those unbent strings in perfect tune for crystal clear double-stop tones and harmonies (eliminates string sag). And just so you know, the focus of the magnets is 90 degrees to your pickups so it won't interfere with their performance in the least..

When you push or pull the whammy bar, the Mag-Lok is transparent. It releases effortlessly and silently, you'll never know it's even there.  Anyone can install it in about 5 minutes (except maybe for my mother) and once you use it, you'll never want to live without it.

You will never be afraid to float your trem again!"

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John-Loughborough-5 Stars

I Bought this to stabalise the tuning on the dual fulcrum tremelo on my G&L S500 Guitar, which would go slightly out of tune after using the tremelo, fitting the Mag-Lok was easy now the guitar stays and perfect tune when using the trem and on double stop bends. I would also like to recommend this company for it's service, great company. Thanks

Alan Robinson-Sheffield-5 Stars

Just fitted mag-lok to my squier hotrails strat trem. Absolutely brilliant so easy to fit and totally stabilises trem and dropping straight back into tune. Absolutely no detuning on hard string bends.

Absolutely fantastic bit of kit at a very reasonable price.

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