V-Pick Bing Ultra Lite Dulcimer Pick

A pick designed for playing a Dulcimer
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0.8mm –
1 5/16″ tip to tip –
Symmetrical –

Vinni says "While at Nashville NAMM last summer, Mrs V and I met a very interesting person. Bing Futch was demonstrating the Dulcimers. Up to that point, I had seen the instrument and even owned one, but did not know it’s name or that it could produce such wonderful music and tone. Since this meeting, we have become friends with this magnificent artist. He has test driven all of our picks and we have joined forces to produce what we consider to be an EXCELLENT Dulcimer pick. We named it the most logical name we could think of, the V-Pick “Bing”. Of course, after the player we consider to be one of, if not THE best Dulcimer player on the planet, Bing Futch.
This model comes in two thicknesses, .8mm Ultra Lite and 1.5mm Lite. The Ultra Lite has just a bit of flex to it. The Lite has no flex at all. Both are made of this tone-full material, our own special blend of acrylic. It warms up to your touch and actually clings to your fingers. Creating a better grip and control. You will not drop this pick!
Note – If you want a more pointed pick that is the same shape, see the Shredder."

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