V-Pick Chicken Picker - Amber

1.5mm thick and using the same magnificent, gripping material as regular V-Picks but with extra holes!
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1.5mm -7/8″ wide –
1 1/16″ long –

1.5mm thick

Vinni says "One thing that is astounding about living in Nashville is number of GREAT guitar players living here. I always say, if you throw a rock in Nashville, you will hit a guitar player. And we’re not talking about a bunch of slugs either. These are some of the best pickers the world has to offer!  This year at Summer NAMM almost every one of them asked for the same style pick, a small, teardrop shape that is 1.5mm thick and sounds like their fingernails. HERE IT IS! The Chicken Picker by V-PICKS. This pick is incredibly fast! That is, if you can already play incredibly fast. It sticks out the perfect length so that you can either choke up on it or just use the whole pick. It is also very comfortable to tuck in under your fingers when you finger pick.  But don’t let the name fool you. I have had some metal players try this puppy out and they went nuts! Again, we’re talking fast action here folks.
It’s small!
It’s teardrop shaped!
It’s uber fast!

And the tone is magnificent!"

If you like the Jazz III, (who doesn’t), then you will LOVE the Chicken Picker!

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