V-Pick Dimension Junior

Like the Dimension Buffed but 10% smaller!
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4.10mm and 10% smaller than the regular Dimension Buffed. This pick is very comfortable and easy to hold. It has the V-Pick "Grippage" that you have heard so much about. You will not drop these picks! When your body heat warms them up, they cling to your fingers without being sticky.

The Dimension has 2 rounded corners and one pointed corner. The best of both worlds! Just spin this puppy around and you have a Bluesy, warm, smooth attack for that "buttery" sound, and then switch to the pointed end and Voila, exact, precise articulation. Just a great all around pick indeed!

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Trevor White-Suffolk, UK-5 Stars

This is an incredibly fast pick with a real depth of sound. Great for a jazz pick where its smaller size aids agility between finger and thumb. It is versatile too in that it has one finely honed point to give an intense sound for solo runs and two more rounded corners to provide a more rounded, deeper sound (and almost as fast as the pointy end) and well suited for chordal work.

Its thickness is wonderfully comfortable and as with all V-picks it clings to the fingers when warmed up.

Traditional plastic picks seem very thin and unappealing after using this Dimension Junior.

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