V Pick Guitar Picks

We stock over 60 different V-Picks - the largest range in the UK

"These magnificent picks are tools to help you become the best artist & musician you can possibly be. Your pick is the vital component that actually connects you to your beloved instrument.It is the nexus or link that channels your inner emotions to your strings and then eventually to your listener's ears. It may even be the most important piece of equipment in your signal chain!  These revolutionary guitar & mandolin picks are the keys to help you set free the music that is inside you."
Vinni Smith, CEO V-Picks

Vintage Guitar Magazine says "On electric instruments, the V-Picks we tested sounded better than any plastic pick".

This huge (and continually expanding) range of picks spans virtually all possible thicknesses, sizes and profiles ranging from the humble "Small Pointed" pick to the frankly monsterous "Insanity" coming in at over 11mm.

Enjoy the journey.
Standard & Ruby V-Picks
The standard and Ruby Red V-Pick ranges
Ultra Lite V-Picks
At just 0.8mm thick these picks are our personal favourite for playing acoustic guitar. Mandolin players like them too!
Tradition V-Picks
NEW!! The same size and shape as any traditional guitar pick. Two rounded corners and one pointed in a variety of thicknesses from Ultra-Lite through to 4mm
Mid Range V-Picks
The mid range collection - Dimension and Dimension Unbuffed, Dimension Junior and Dimension Junior Unbuffed, Diamond, Snake and Snake Pointed
The Big Ones!
Colossal or Insanity - which is it to be?
Lite V-Picks
V-Pick Lites
Items to hold your V-Picks!
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