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V-Pick Introduction

A new selection spanning the Standard, Lite and Ultra-Lite V-Pick range. We have chosen 6 picks that offer a broad introduction to what V-Pick can do for your playing. The V-pick models in this pack are:

Standard Small Pointed - A great replacement for the Dunlop Jazz IIIs and very popular with V-Pick customers. Fast with a huge tone for such a small pick. PLEASE NOTE - due to problems at the factory we are substituting the 'Pearly Gates' version of the Small Pointed - exactly the same shape and thickness just in a pearly white. 

Standard Medium Rounded – the biggest seller. An all-round pick good for any music. Great mids and very, very fast action.

Standard Screamer/Acoustic - Great for electric as well as acoustic playing. Very bright sounding with lots of lows as well. The pick has a built in mid-range and it is making a big BUZZ on the internet right now.

Ultra Lite Medium Round - 8mm –  1 1/16″ tip to tip – Symmetrical and an excellent mandolin pick too! This guitar pick has some flex to it. The rounded corners glide over the strings like silk. Very fast action. Easy to grip. Gets a nice full, yet soft tone.

Tradition Lite Sapphire Blue - 1.5mm – 1 1/8″ wide – 1 3/16″ long. The Tradition Lite 1.5mm has very quickly become one of the biggest sellers. Good for all kinds of music. uller tone, Very grippable, fast action and cool as heck looking. These picks are hand ground, heat tempered and flame buffed. And its Blue!!

Red Rocker - It’s RED, it ROCKS! Vinni says "Good for Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, you name it. Lots of tone and speed in this pick. The corners are all perfect for flipping around and getting different tones and effects. This pick is very easy to play and is quickly becoming very popular amongst our players. I highly recommend this pick to anyone that likes a Fender Extra Heavy."
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